Client Testimonials


From the Director of a High Technology Company:
Mr. Fitch recently represented our company in a complex international arbitration case involving the unlawful termination of a license agreement by a listed USA corporation. This recently settled and included a multi-million dollar payment to us. We unreservedly recommend the services of Fitch Law Partners LLP, and especially Jonathan Fitch and Ashly Scheufele.

Mr. Fitch was brought into the arbitration process after it had already commenced, and I would say we were in negative territory before his team joined in.

As a client, we are highly opinionated individuals with considerable experience in our industry, who initially held all the in-depth knowledge of the case. We had already recruited other highly experienced top lawyers, located throughout the world, to work on other aspects of the case. One of the main challenges of this arbitration process was to manage and effectively harness the knowledge and expertise of both us as the client and our other global lawyers. We had previously experienced legal direction where the strategy seemed more for the lead lawyer to establish his top dog status with us then to focus on the best way to win the case. In contrast, Mr. Fitch managed our complex group remarkably well.

Jonathan Fitch initially comes across as a quiet and considered individual. He listens, absorbs detail and opinions, and then makes convincing recommendations and decisions that get right to the heart of the issues. In Jonathan Fitch, I saw all the key qualities we needed in one person without the other difficulties. For this arbitration Jonathan Fitch came up against top arbitration lawyers, this was a hard fought issue on both sides involving very material sums of money. Jonathan not only held his own, he walked all over the opposition. The result shows simply how good he is.

Mr. Fitch was primarily supported in this case by Ashly Scheufele. The consensus view from us as client and our other lawyers was that Ashly has all the makings of a future star lawyer. Ashly operates way above the level we expected from someone of her age and experience. She is diligent, shows great grasp of detail, an ability to pinpoint and address the key issues and was strong in the proceedings. We will watch her future career develop with interest.

Our final recommendation comes from our position as an international client. It is not always easy to understand different cultures and attitudes, and we do not fit the typical corporate mould. Fitch Law Partners LLP were an excellent firm to work with. Fitch Law Partners LLP worked very effectively within international time zones, making themselves available at times that suited the client needs, and were willing to travel for client meetings.

From the Corporate Vice President and Associate General Counsel of a High Technology Company:

Kurt Kusiak is our primary counsel in the United States for litigation matters and disputes. He is a skilled trial attorney and a trusted advisor to the company on a variety of legal matters. As a multi-national corporation with over $1B in revenue, 10,000 employees and offices in more than 50 countries, we frequently face complex disputes and claims that have the potential to distract the company our from our business priorities. In addition to his legal acumen, Kurt understands our business as well as the bio/pharma industry in which we compete. It is this combination of trial skills and his business savvy that separates Kurt from other lawyers. He appreciates the importance of putting our company in the best position to resolve disputes and reduce the disruption to our business and employees. This quality work is performed at a cost that is reasonable and significantly less than the big law firms. I highly recommend Kurt and the team at Fitch Law Partners LLP.


From Former In-house Litigation Counsel at a Major Utility:

My duties at the Boston Edison Legal Department for over 25 years included resolving personal injury and property damage claims and lawsuits in both the State and Federal Courts arising out of the operation of the electric generation and distribution business. Over the years claims of all types and nature were filed. They ranged from million dollar property damage claims, personal injury, and deaths to claims that the company illegally discontinued electric services to small businesses.

The law firm used by Boston Edison Company that was most reliable and successful and certainly the most economical for my company was the law firm of Fitch Law Partners LLP. While Boston Edison utilized many big-name law firms in Boston, Edison continued to use Fitch Law Partners LLP and I can attest to the fact that the results were far above average in verdicts and settlements and the cost far more reasonable than most other law firms utilized by the company.


Clients Victimized by Real Estate Fraud:
My wife and I bought an expensive apartment in Cambridge, MA. In a week we faced an eviction letter due to the elaborate fraud scheme mastered by developers, lawyers and realtors, who left us empty-handed. Because of the enormous complexity we could not find an adequate legal help for a month... at last we were referenced to Atty. Jonathan W. Fitch of Fitch Law Partners LLP in Boston. Indeed, it became our final stop. He won for us two jury trials at the Middlesex Superior Court, and obtained verdicts against all four parties we sued: fraud, intentional misrepresentation, malpractice, etc; legal fees and doubled damages. In sum, our intractable case was cured thanks to Mr. Fitch's unparalleled integrity and professionalism. I would strongly recommend his service to anyone in a serous legal trouble, as ours, and I have no doubts and second thoughts in doing so.

A Client in an Adverse Possession Case:
Kurt was our counsel in an adverse possession case and we couldn't have had better representation. He knows the law, strategy, how to handle the personalities involved, and how to achieve a disposition that works for his clients. The case was handled aggressively, ethically, efficiently, and with a much appreciated measure of humor. We highly recommend Kurt.

A Family's Real Estate Problem Resolved:
I worked with Kurt Kusiak on a small ,but tremendously important case for both my family and me. He was compassionate, diplomatic and skilled. You always got the sense he was the nicest guy in the world, but that he would demolish opposing counsel if it was in my best interest. This is a guy you want on your side. I have worked with hundreds of lawyers as part of educational programs, and have worked with several privately, Kurt is a cut above the rest. In addition, to his many skills, he is one of the funniest human beings I have ever met, and is a joy to know.


Steve Gurdin has advised and represented me for years in both my divorce and post divorce matters. Steve is a skilled professional who has a great ability to both problem solve and advocate. When my case required thoughtful reasonableness he talked he off the ledge while my emotions were getting the better of me. When my case required tough negotiating, Steve delivered. Steve provided me top rate representation with a reasonable fee structure. I highly recommend Steve.

Steve Gurdin was a tremendous help for me in navigating the intricacies of my divorce case and, ultimately, in forging a reasonable consensual resolution. Steve ran my case in an economical manner, but yet always made sure to address my questions and concerns, no matter how mundane. In short, he helped to make an unbearable situation bearable. I highly recommend Steve and his firm.

Steven E. Gurdin represented me in a difficult contested divorce proceeding that involved complicated financial and child custody issues. Steve continuously demonstrated a well reasoned, practical approach while at the same time was an effective, zealous advocate in the Probate and Family Court. Steve always was thoroughly prepared when we went to court, depositions and settlement meetings. I highly recommend Steve as a family law attorney.

Barbara Drury was nothing short of amazing--Barbara's professionalism and commitment to me will never be forgotten. She showed the court what my ex-wife was really filing Motions for, and she preserved my family. I will never forget what she did.

Kristine Ann Cummings is one of the most committed attorneys I have worked with to date; she is a very hard worker and extremely good at keeping me (the client) informed. Kristine was amazingly thorough and creative in her search for cases relevant to my own. I found Kristine very capable of keeping me focused on each step of the process which I considered to be quite daunting. Though Kristine is empathic, her ability to keep the broader perspective in focus for me was extremely helpful. Kristine was a very calming and empowering presence as I went through the legal process that involved very personal aspects of my life. I find Kristine to be that rare combination of kind, hard working and of unquestionable integrity. I would highly recommend Kristine, and I do believe one would be fortunate to engage her services.

Kristine Ann Cummings is one of the very rare, shining examples of the sort of consummately professional, caring, and thoughtful attorneys that very sadly, are uncharacteristic of Probate and Family Law. While unwittingly engaged in an exceedingly atavistic and hostile post-divorce and custody situation with an uncooperative and unrelenting ex-spouse, Kristine was able to use her superior negotiation powers to calm the waters and create mutual discourse. . . . Kristine has gone out of her way at every point to clearly communicate and keep me informed.

I could not be more satisfied with the firm of Fitch in my recent divorce and custody agreement. I researched Boston area divorce attorneys extensively before meeting Steve Gurdin. I knew he would be my final choice on the day I met him. I never once regretted that decision.

Steve listened, advised, advocated and kept me well informed throughout the divorce proceedings. He directed me when decisions were clear, and helped me decide and participate when strategies were a matter of choice. His confidence and experience put me at ease throughout a very difficult process.

Kristine Ann Cummings was outstanding at listening to my ideas, and converting them into clear, concise documents. From personal advice, to strategy sessions, to communication with the opposing side, she was insightful, creative and effective.

Although my divorce was painful and something I wish I could have avoided in life, I am very satisfied with the outcome, and I'm grateful to Steve and Kristine for who they are, and the way they represented me.

I cannot fully express how grateful I was to have Steven Gurdin and his associate, Kristine Cummings, represent me in connection with my removal action. I recently remarried and sought the court's permission to move with my son out of state in order to live with my new husband. My former husband vigorously opposed the removal, and my case was further complicated by the fact that the court-appointed Guardian ad Litem recommended that my request to relocate with my son be denied. The stakes have never been higher for me as losing this case would leave me the untenable choice of either living in Massachusetts without my husband or living out of state without my son. Steve and Kristine engaged in substantial litigation in order to prepare my case for what seemed like an unavoidable trial. Despite the stress of the situation, Steve and Kristine remained steadfastly reasonable in dealing with opposing counsel. Because of their thorough preparation, broad understanding of removal law and ardent advocacy both inside and outside of the courtroom, Steve and Kristine were able to negotiate a settlement that enabled me to move out of state with my son while providing the opportunity for my son to maintain a meaningful relationship with his father. Although this was one of the most stressful and emotionally difficult situations I have ever faced, Steve and Kristine were always patient, understanding and compassionate, and I truly felt lucky to have them by my side. I could not be happier with the outcome of my case and would highly recommend Steve and Kristine.

Steven Gurdin represented me in a contentious and drawn-out divorce that involved complicated assets of significant value.  It was a painful process, one that I never imagined would happen, and one that I would never want to have happen again.  But when I look back on the results, I know that I made the right decision by choosing Steve.  He made the process less painful, less expensive, and ultimately steered the outcome to terms that I was more than willing to accept. I met with several potential attorneys when I was preparing to file for divorce.  Steve impressed me with his knowledge and experience of how the divorce process works, and his interest and attention to my situation.  I learned after the process started that Steve's relationships with the court system and other attorneys were also of great value.  Steve is known and trusted by the other professionals who determine the outcome of a divorce, and his relationships enable him to craft solutions that win approval in less time--and with less expense--than might otherwise be negotiated. Probably most importantly, though, Steve cares genuinely for the interests of any children that might be involved in the divorce.  He helped me to understand how I might best maintain a relationship with my daughter, during and after the divorce process.  For that, and for his excellent help in achieving a favorable settlement, I thank Steve.  I am pleased to recommend him very, very highly to anyone who faces the complicated and painful issues of divorce.

Jeff Soilson is a consummate professional who consistently provides me with excellent legal representation. Jeff's work ethic, attention to detail and overall sense of urgency is hard to find. Jeff also has an extensive network of arbitrators, financial and tax colleagues to lean on, which I found extremely helpful. Jeff makes himself available to his clients day and night and is always available to provide great advice and counsel.

Jeff Soilson is a highly professional, diligent, and knowledgeable attorney. He understands the importance of helping clients manage the emotion involved with family cases with realistic expectations. With Jeff, I always felt reassured that details/developments would be communicated clearly and promptly.


A Family with Claims Against Fiduciaries:
We did an exhaustive search to find a lawyer who would solve my family's complicated trust and estate problems. Most of the attorneys to whom we spoke did not believe the magnitude of the egregious issues involving our trustees, trusts and estate plans. The trustees' reputations seemed rock-solid to the outside world. Kurt Kusiak listened to our circumstances. He was instrumental in charting a path to resolution that led to trustee removals and allowed us to optimize the management and financial performance of our trusts and estate plans.

Kurt Kusiak was a breath of fresh air. He gave our family voice and legal standing. He is well grounded, approachable and has a great sense of humor. Kurt did his homework and was creative in the solution to our problem. Most importantly, he educated and navigated my family through the very difficult and emotional process of trustee removal. Kurt saved my family tens of millions of dollars. We now have responsible trustees who have corrected the deficiencies in the management of our trusts and estate plans. We highly recommend Kurt Kusiak. He has become a legend in our family's history.

Steve Gurdin helped my family with a probate litigation matter in Middlesex County. As an attorney myself, I have known Steve for a number of years and thoroughly trusted his skill and advice to my non-lawyer family members in need of his services. Although not a sizable estate, Steve treated the case as importantly as other more sizable matters, and worked with my family on a fee structure that made sense. Fraught with stress and anxiety as such matters often are, Steve was wonderful about explaining the various options to my family members and giving sound advice as to strategy and, ultimately, resolution of the case. I have the utmost confidence and respect for Steve's ability as an attorney, and also for his ability to recognize the human element in these cases. Thank you Steve!

My elderly mother had passed away recently and a family member was initiating a lawsuit against me regarding a trust and the estate. The family member had hired a attorney who was trying to intimidate me. Kurt called me back and I soon realized that he was exactly the kind of professional I was looking for. He has exemplary communication skills; He is an active listener and responds effectively about complex legal matters. Kurt has a unique understanding of how emotional and painful legal matters can become. His compassion, understanding of complex legal issues and attention to your personal needs are second to none.