About the Firm Boston Video

Video Transcript

JONATHAN W. FITCH: Fitch is a law firm that's devoted exclusively to complex litigation. Many of our clients have experience working with large firms. I think when they come to Fitch, they realize that they can get the same level of service - and quality of service - with more responsiveness and certainly at lower rates.

STEPHEN REILLY: Our experience and our skill set that we bring often leads to really good result for our clients. And the fact that our clients hire us over and over again speaks to that.

JONATHAN W. FITCH: A number of the cases that we get here at the firm have been referred. And quite often by lawyers we have litigated against. The core of our practice is business litigation. We also practice in the areas of real estate litigation, employment litigation, product liability litigation, tort litigation, family law & probate litigation, admiralty litigation, and also we represent clients in complex white collar criminal defense and government investigations.

STEPHEN REILLY: All of the attorneys here come to work every day excited and energized to exceed client expectations.