International Litigation Attorneys Video

The attorneys of Fitch Law Partners LLP offer experienced representation in international litigation and arbitration matters involving business disputes, license disputes, and contract disputes. -- 617-542-5542

Video Transcript

JONATHAN W. FITCH: Fitch represents businesses from all over the world in international arbitration and in international litigation many of our international matters involve commercial contract disputes including for instance, technology, intellectual property, licensing, and supply agreements.

ASHLY E. SCHEUFELE: Companies are increasingly including arbitration clauses in commercial contracts because arbitral awards are recognized and enforceable by treaty, the New York Convention in more than 150 countries.

CARLOS A. MAYCOTTE: International arbitrations are different from American court proceedings. International arbitrations are designed to incorporate the best traditions of both common law and civil law systems. We are comfortable with many languages.Spanish for instance is my first language, so language barriers are rarely a problem.

JONATHAN W. FITCH: In addition to acting as an advocate, I sit as an arbitrator at the International Center for dispute resolution.

ASHLEY E. SCHEUEELE: We very much enjoyed the challenges and satisfaction of resolving difficult problems for our international clients.