Probate Lawyers Boston Video

Boston law firm Fitch Law Partners LLP offers experienced representation in probate and estate dispute cases. Contact one of our probate litigation attorneys to discuss your case. -- 617-542-5542

Video Transcript

KURT S. KUSIAK: Our firm handles a wide variety of probate cases. We have extensive experience representing both fiduciaries and beneficiaries of trusts and estates in complex cases involving anything from breaches of fiduciary duty to allegations of fraud, self dealing, imprudent investment or conflicts of interest.

STEVEN E. GURDIN: We often represent and defend professional fiduciaries such as estate lawyers and corporate trustees in disputes with dissatisfied beneficiaries. The stakes for these professional fiduciaries are often quite high and they turn to Fitch for advice and representation in these circumstances.

JEFFREY A. SOILSON: I enjoy the challenge of representing client in probate cases. Achieving successful results when I'm faced with complex legal issues and complex family relationships is very rewarding.

ANDREA PERANER-SWEET: Probate litigation is a very sensitive area. It involves family issues and family dynamics. And we'll tailor our recommendations according to the needs of the client, whether it is counseling the client, whether it is mediation of a particular circumstance, whether it is litigating a particular circumstance, we take a look at the whole situation to determine what we're going to do.