White Collar Crime Attorneys Video

Video Transcripts

PETER BALL: We represent corporations and individuals in all types of government investigations and prosecutions. Our clients have included bank presidents, chief executive officers, senior state government officials, and corporations that are leaders in their field. We treat each client's case as if it's the most important case in the world because it is to that client. Becoming involved in a government investigation for an individual is an extraordinarily stressful event, maybe the most stressful event that they'll go through in their entire life. Our attorneys here at Fitch include former federal and state prosecutors. That type of experience is invaluable in dealing with the government.

HEATHER V. BAER: I think it would be important for a potential client to know that they'd be receiving the attention of the most senior members of the white collar crime department and that we would prepare them so that during the course of the investigation they would know what to expect and they'd be in the best possible position to protect their interests. The best possible outcome would be a case in which our client wasn't charged.