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Clients turn to Fitch Law Partners LLP for zealous, responsive and effective representation in difficult divorce and family law cases. We recognize the importance of identifying each client's needs and priorities. We are dedicated to obtaining effective and just outcomes for our clients.

Our divorce lawyers handle complex and often hotly contested cases. We work tirelessly to achieve successful resolutions of disputes concerning the division of marital assets, child custody and visitation, alimony, domestic abuse and permanent removal from the Commonwealth. We excel at representing individuals in cases involving complex financial issues, such as those that arise when the marital estate includes privately-held corporations, limited partnerships or trusts. Clients look to Fitch Law Partners LLP to effectively resolve - whether by comprehensive settlement, mediation or trial - unique and personal matters that require the utmost skill, attention and discretion.

The lawyers who lead our divorce and family law practice are Partners Steven E. Gurdin and Jeffrey A. Soilson, who are joined by Barbara L. Drury and Kristine Ann Cummings. View their individual profiles for more information about them. Also we invite you to visit our Divorce and Family Law Blog.

Divorce Proceedings

Our attorneys have earned a reputation for outstanding advocacy and counseling in all areas of divorce litigation. Although we are often able to resolve cases prior to trial, we frequently represent clients in contested matters before the Probate and Family Courts of Suffolk County, Middlesex County, Norfolk County, Plymouth County, Worcester County, Essex County, Barnstable County, Bristol County and Dukes County. Our attorneys have succeeded in obtaining sizeable alimony and child support judgments for clients, in addition to securing multi-million dollar property settlements.

In a recent case, one of our lawyers negotiated a highly complex financial settlement on the eve of trial that resulted in a favorable division of our client's stock options in a publicly traded corporation.

After a trial in another case involving substantial marital assets, the court ruled in favor of our client regarding the interpretation and unenforceability of certain provisions in a prenuptial agreement.

Our Boston divorce lawyers regularly represent clients in the probate and family court to obtain temporary orders of child support, alimony and custody. Temporary orders are often necessary after parties separate but before a final judgment enters by trial or settlement. When a party or minor child's health, safety or welfare is in jeopardy because of one of the party's continued presence in the marital home, we move swiftly to request vacate orders from the court.

Modification and Contempt Actions

It is often necessary to file modification or contempt actions when circumstances change or when one fails to meet a court-ordered obligation. Our attorneys have been successful securing - and defending against - both contempt and modification actions.

For instance, after a recent trial for contempt, our client was awarded a sizeable judgment for unpaid child support and was also awarded counsel fees and interest. In another recent case, one of our attorneys recently succeed in defeating a party's request to remove two minor children from southeastern Massachusetts to central New Hampshire.

We regularly advise clients on their rights to seek modification of support obligations as they approach retirement or have material changes in their income levels as a result of corporate downsizing and layoffs.

Child Custody Disputes

We have earned a reputation of being zealous advocates in hotly contested child custody disputes. We approach child custody disputes with required sensitivity but also realize that the stakes are high. Our lawyers have successfully litigated child custody disputes involving allegations of sexual abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse, alcoholism and mental illness.

We frequently work with court-appointed guardians ad litem and, when necessary, involve private investigators, forensic psychologists, psychiatrists and parenting coordinators. Our familiarity with the experts in these areas assures that our clients will get the most effective professional assistance available.

Domestic Abuse

We regularly represent clients in domestic abuse matters. When necessary and appropriate, we seek court intervention for the issuance of both Abuse Prevention Orders and Domestic Relations Protective Orders. We often work with mental health professionals to assist clients who are in abusive relationships and in need of varied services.

Additionally, we have successfully defended clients against false and potentially devastating claims of abuse. At a recent trial, our client gained custody of a minor child and other vital relief after the court ruled that his former wife's charges of child abuse were false.

Paternity Actions

We regularly represent unmarried persons in paternity actions to establish paternity and parental rights. In a recent case, one of our lawyers succeeded in proving our client's claim to be the father of a child, and the probate court ordered an appropriate parenting plan fully recognizing our client's parental rights.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

We prepare and negotiate prenuptial and postnuptial agreements to protect accumulated wealth, inheritances, family trust interests and business interests in the event of divorce or death of a spouse. We often negotiate and draft provisions regarding alimony rights in the event the marriage ends by divorce.

In addition, we have experience litigating disputes concerning the scope and enforceability of prenuptial agreements. For example, at a recent trial we successfully challenged the legality of certain provisions in a prenuptial agreement and our client won a highly favorable judgment of divorce.

Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration of Family Law Disputes

We have found that many clients wish to avoid a courtroom as the forum for resolving serious differences and instead choose to participate in nonbinding mediation or other form of alternative dispute resolution. We are skilled advocates in mediation, conciliation and arbitration, and have successfully resolved our clients' disputes regarding the division of assets, alimony and child support, child custody, and modification and contempt, through alternative dispute resolution. For example, in a recent mediation, we obtained a favorable property settlement that preserved inherited and gifted property that our client received during her marriage.

Do you have questions about divorce and family law mediation, conciliation or arbitration? To learn more, please visit our page on frequently asked questions about family law and questions about mediation.

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