Representing Banking and Financial Services Clients in Financial Fraud Matters

Fitch Law Partners LLP represents banking and financial institutions as well as businesses, nonprofits and individuals, in cases involving financial fraud and investment recovery. Our attorneys have handled well over 100 matters for our various banking and financial services clients. These matters have involved issues pertaining to check fraud, wire transfer fraud, ACH fraud, and credit and debit card fraud. We are also well-regarded for our experience representing banks in check kiting/bad check cases.

Examples of Our Financial Fraud Matters

  • We successfully argued summary judgment and won an award of $2.94 million for our client, a nonprofit museum, against its former president, who had stolen our client's assets by means of a sophisticated, fraudulent scheme. We played an integral part in the investigation leading to the discovery of the fraud and the proof of the wrongdoing.
  • We successfully represented an individual in a financial fraud case against his stepmother. The stepmother had concealed and made fraudulent transfers of partnership assets belonging to our client and his deceased father. A hard-fought Superior Court litigation resulted in a settlement from the stepmother in which she assigned a substantial share of the father's estate to our client and signed over a large annuity to our client that our client alleged had been funded with the fraudulently transferred partnership assets.
  • Presently, we represent the beneficiary of a trust in claims of financial fraud against the trustee. The trustee has failed to account to the beneficiary, and has attempted to conceal his systematic depletion and use of trust assets for his own benefit, fraudulently transferring substantial trust monies into his own individual and trust accounts.
  • After two successful jury trials, we won for our clients numerous verdicts and/or judgments, (the largest of which was approximately $3.9 million), for negligence, fraud or Chapter 93A against two law firms, the largest real estate brokerage firm in the country and a real estate developer.

We represent victims of financial fraud as well as individuals and businesses accused of financial fraud or other white collar crimes. We also have extensive experience protecting the interests of banking institutions in a wide range of bank litigation.

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