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Fitch Law Partners LLP represents individuals, businesses and not-for-profit corporations in "white-collar" and other criminal cases at all stages, from investigation to trial to appeal. Our attorneys, who include a former federal prosecutor and two former state prosecutors have handled cases involving allegations of criminal bank fraud, mail and wire fraud, tax evasion, health-care fraud, bankruptcy fraud, perjury, government procurement fraud, and public corruption. We have also represented clients in cases involving alleged criminal violation of environmental, securities, labor, arms export, campaign-finance, antitrust, and maritime laws. As is often the case in complex white-collar criminal cases, our work includes representing clients in related civil or regulatory agency proceedings and in conducting internal investigations. We also have represented attorneys and other professionals in disciplinary proceedings.

The lead partners in our white collar criminal defense practice are Peter E. Ball and Heather Baer. View their individual profiles for more information about them.

Examples of our White-Collar Criminal Matters and Government Investigations that have been handled by our attorneys:

  • A major national corporation came under investigation by the criminal division of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue and the Attorney General's Office. The case was factually and legally complex, involving the production of 100,000 pages of documents and raising issues about the tax-paying obligations in different states of a multi-state taxpayer. Following an investigation that lasted nearly three years, the Attorney General's Office declined criminal prosecution and referred the case back to the DOR's audit division.
  • One of our lawyers conducted an internal investigation into allegations of fraud at a company that had recently concluded an Initial Public Offering. After an intensive two-month investigation that involved engaging and supervising accountants, lawyers and investigators in half-a-dozen countries, the legal team uncovered a major fraud that had been perpetrated on the company by one of its founders.
  • An architectural firm was involved in separate investigations by the United States Attorney's Office and the Inspector General of the Government Services Administration that arose out of the awarding of a federal courthouse design contract to the architectural firm. The investigation concluded with a finding that there was no impropriety in the award, and the client retained the contract.
  • One of our lawyers represented a high-ranking member of state legislature who was investigated in connection with a major corruption probe by the United States Attorney's Office. The investigation concluded after several years without charges being brought against the client.

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