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Criminal Defense

The criminal defense attorneys at FITCH include former prosecutors who have also had extensive experience representing clients in state-court criminal cases. Clients who find themselves involved in criminal matters in the Massachusetts state court criminal system can rely on the firm for highly experienced and effective representation. Being involved in a criminal case, as the defendant or the victim, can be confusing and frightening. A criminal conviction — or even a charge — can impact one’s life in countless ways, including one’s freedom, employment, standing in educational institutions, and family. It is important for defendants, victims, and witnesses to be well-informed throughout the process.

Our clients may come in contact with the state-court criminal justice system in a variety of ways. In Massachusetts, criminal complaints for misdemeanors or felonies may be issued when a police department applies for a criminal complaint by making a showing to a clerk-magistrate that there is probable cause to conclude that the potential defendant committed a crime.

After a criminal complaint has issued, either in a Superior or District Court, the defendant is arraigned (essentially, advised of the charges) and the prosecution may ask for bail. FITCH’s lawyers have years of experience arguing bail in many different Massachusetts courts. What transpires at a bail hearing can make the difference between freedom or being held in jail pending the resolution of the charges.

After arraignment, we represent our clients vigorously at all stages of the proceedings. In many cases, FITCH’s lawyers have been able to persuade the district attorneys’ office to dismiss the charges against our client. In cases where dismissal was not an option, we have negotiated resolutions that have minimized the harm that a conviction may cause to our clients’ lives. Should it prove to be in our client’s best interest to take the case to trial, our lawyers have decades of trial experience in district and superior courts throughout Massachusetts.

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Criminal Defense

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Criminal Defense Case Results

– Sexual Assault and Sex Offender Registry

Represented a witness and worked with the local police department and district attorney’s office to ensure that they had sufficient evidence to levy charges against and prosecute the wrongdoer.

Represented multiple clients before the Sex Offender Registry Board in appeals of sex offender classification.

– Assault With a Dangerous Weapon

Represented client who was wrongfully charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. Persuaded prosecutor to drop charges against client.

– Investigations

Represented witnesses who were interviewed by police officers or prosecutors and others who felt confused or concerned by the process or who felt more comfortable having an advocate in dealing with the prosecutor’s office.

Represented multiple employees of pharmaceutical company who were witnesses to misconduct in connection with investigation into the company’s marketing practices.

Represented multiple employees of medical device company who were accused of misconduct in connection with investigation into the company’s marketing practices. No clients were charged.

Represented employee in connection with investigation into whether company engaged in misconduct in connection with government contract. Client was not charged.

– OUI and Possession of Drugs

Represented client charged with 1st offense OUI. Obtained dismissal after successful motion to dismiss due to fact that arresting officer had unlawfully crossed town line.

Represented college student charged with forgery/misuse of an RMV document and misdemeanor possession of drugs. Negotiated continuance without a finding.

Represented college student who was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Negotiated continuance without a finding.