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Can I relocate with my child after divorce?

If you're a parent of a minor child of divorce in Massachusetts, can you relocate to a different state or country with your child (an issue the courts call "removal")? Assuming no negotiated agreement to relocate with your co-parent (a preferred outcome in resolving...

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How does my pension get divided during divorce?

Part II of this blog post focuses on how pension plans are divided during divorce. You can read Part I on our site. Pension plans are different than other assets divided during divorce because we are trying to calculate the present value of a future benefit (a benefit...

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How Does My Pension Get Valued During Divorce?

A pension is one of the hardest earned assets a spouse can own. Divorce professionals are acutely aware of this and take great care to apply the same kind of focus, hard work and attention to detail to value a pension as the plan owner applied to earning it. This blog...

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Haunted House Hunting and the Duty to Disclose

In a competitive real estate market like Greater Boston's, more homebuyers are agreeing to what previously would have been seen as a draconian contract term: purchasing a home without first conducting an inspection. But today, in a hot seller's market, it may be a...

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Driving Away From the Courts: Uber Drivers Must Arbitrate

In a recent decision, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, ruled that private arbitration agreements between Uber and two former drivers in California and Massachusetts were valid and enforceable. The former drivers, who were seeking protections for...

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