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The attorneys at Fitch Law Partners LLP are a diverse and distinguished group. They have an outstanding breadth of experience in the wide array of cases litigated in both federal and state courts. Whether your matter requires the attention of a team of lawyers, or a single attorney, we provide highly effective counsel who are experienced and suited to the task at hand.


+Heather V. Baer

+Peter E. Ball

+Lisa C. Goodheart

+Ryan M. Cunningham

+Barbara L. Drury

+Jonathan W. Fitch

+Steven E. Gurdin

+Kurt S. Kusiak

+Carlos A. Maycotte

+Andrea Peraner-Sweet

+James B. Re

+Stephen C. Reilly

+Nathalie K. Salomon

+Stephen A. Mackenzie

+Andrea Studley Knowles


+Malgorzata Mrozek

+Kelly A. Schwartz

+Caterina S. Wurman

+Alessandra Wingerter

+Srish Khakurel

+Madeline Pelagalli