Why Boston for International Arbitration?

Boston is known as the “Hub” for a reason and, in recent years, Boston has become the world’s top biotech hub, with over 1,000 biotech companies calling the Greater Boston area home. Boston also is a world-renowned educational hub, with over one hundred colleges and universities in the Greater Boston area, and with two of the top five universities in the world right across the Charles River in Cambridge: Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

What some people may not know about Boston, however, is that it makes for an ideal arbitral seat for any international arbitration. World class arbitrators and mediators call Boston home, along with expert witnesses, including firms such as Charles River Associates, the Analysis Group, and NERA Economic Consulting.

Boston also has all of the benefits of excellent and predicable courts that regularly enforce international arbitration agreements and confirm arbitral awards, as well as all of the sophisticated legal expertise necessary to argue such cases both in arbitration and in any enforcement proceedings. All in a city with easy international access and which serves as a global destination city.

With a sophisticated bar, reliable courts, a desirable destination, easy access, and the expertise needed for virtually any dispute, Boston is a leading center for international disputes. If you have any questions about international arbitration in Boston, don’t hesitate to reach out to the attorneys here at FITCH, who have extensive experience in international arbitration, and who would be happy to tell you more about the advantages offered by an arbitration in Boston.


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