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Bank Litigation

Tax Foreclosure Seizures Cannot Exceed Amount Owed

Tax authorities in numerous states have historically collected more funds in tax foreclosures than the amount owed by a delinquent taxpayer. The United States Supreme Court, reversing the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, has held that a state collecting...

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UCC Article 9 Damages Provisions Displace Common Law

In a case handed down just last month, the Supreme Judicial Court reinforced the long-standing rule that provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code (the "UCC") displace common law principles that would otherwise apply in contexts not governed by the UCC. In Reading...

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Bank Not Liable to Customer’s Employee for Negligence

A bank is not liable to its customer's employee, who was fired for negligence with respect to the employer's deposits, the Appellate Division recently held in Dennen v. TD Bank Gloucester, 2013 WL 865318 (2013). Plaintiff Frederic Dennen sued TD Bank after being fired...

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The “Same Wrongdoer” Defense In Check Fraud Litigation

In "check fraud" litigation, bank customers often sue their banks after learning that someone has made a forged or otherwise unauthorized signature on the front of one or more of the customer's checks. It often turns out that the fraudster has perpetrated the scheme...

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